What does your child dream about this summer? New friends, amazing discoveries and adventures, bright emotions? PELICAN Kids Club can offer all this with qualified teachers and animators. While your children have fun and use their time at the club, you can devote these precious hours only to yourself.

Kid’s Club PELICAN – a studio for children of different ages, which combine creative workshops and active gaming. In general, this is a developmentally-entertainment complex of tasks in which a child can try to manifest themself in various roles. The teacher only helps to reveal the young talent, attentively accompanying during all creative searches.

An exceptional feature of studios is the use of a badge-awards system to motivate club members. In each part of the program, the child, participating, reveals his strengths of character, and develops knowledge and skills. All these qualities are supported by the teacher in the form of a badge-award.

Teachers of the club are educators of a new generation, whose view is aimed at the empathic perception of childhood, taking into account the individual and age characteristics of each child.

The program is interesting and with feasible tasks for everyone. Also among the mentors of master studios, people of art who believe that the freedom of creativity is the ability to express oneself, using a wide range of artistic techniques, without regard for stereotypes. The main goal of such classes is to give children the opportunity to enjoy creative activity.

Every ten days, the club members of PELICAN expect a new thematic program (change), with fascinating content from getting to know different cultures of the world and English to the stage skills and opening their own gallery. During 10-day programs, children provided with all the conditions for the development of modern competencies and strengths of character, such as teamwork, strengthening of the body (warm-up, Olympiads, beach golf), development of creative thinking, knowledge of the world, games.



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